Drone Sniper Demo in France

This is a demonstration of our partners in France to representatives of the French government. The controller and the drone sniper should be on opposite sides of each other. I think it is meaningful because the test position is wrong and it is more unfavorable condition to jammers.

Normally, this is used as the position of “Controller” – (A) – “Drone” – (B) – “Jammer”. In the case of Drone Sniper, min B=2A and max B=8A. In conclusion, it can be said that the distance that a person can visually identify is jamming. I did a lot of testing and I tested the telescope up to 1km and confirmed that it worked well.



And if you do not use a rifle, we will provide you with a frame of your choice as shown in the picture.

I have not seen a drone jammer that weighs in at 1.8 kg and this size can do this. If you want to check it yourself, please contact us.