Backpack Jammer


   Tactical IED Jammer [AEGIS-B] is a backpack jamming machine that can be carried by a person in the areas under a risk of encountering remote controlled improvised explosive devices or RCIEDs. It protects a small infantry action team against the RCIED attacks. It has been designed for easy traveling and carrying on shoulders considering radio transmission and use time. It can be carried on the soldier’s shoulders for disrupting the enemy’s radio for RCIED attacks on soldiers’ track by utilizing proprietary digital barrage jamming technology. Total output is limited in consideration of weight, battery, antenna and personnel health. It covers up to 100 meter radius to protect the soldiers depending upon radio environment.

 AEGIS-B series includes:

  • Total RF Power 75W 
  • Water and dust Proof
  • Frequency: The desired jamming band consists of three modules.
  • 3 mode(Barrage, Sweep, Spot)
  • Communication Window (Option)
  • Back up Battery (Li-Polymer)
  • AC/DC, DC/DC Power Supply Unit
  • Ultra Wideband Omni directional Antenna 
  • Weight(with Battery and all included): 15kg ± 1 




  Most companies display weight items in their specifications, excluding batteries and antennas.

   The heaviest part is the battery and the second heaviest is the antenna. There are people who ask me about the weight sometimes, so I put the full weight on the exact electronic scale.  It includes everything from main body, battery, antenna and backpack strap.

   The reason why 15kg is indicated in the specification is because the customer’s specifications differ slightly from each other.  If you want less than 10kg, we can make it by changing the material to carbon. Please contact us.

** The jammer is the strategic item and is under control of Korean Government. **

All made in Korea