When you find a drones, you will have to choose one of three actions with Drone sniper.

  1. Jamming makes the drones hover and shoots them down with rifle.

  2. Only jamming control signals to return to home (RTH) mode, and then go on to catch the enemy. 

  3. If it is determined that there is no dangerous material and needs to be caught, make it force landing.   

BUT….  In fact, there are not many situations where you can neutralize the drones just by jamming. Let’s assume a few situations.

- What happens if you jam or force landing a drones at the airport ?
- What if the drone landed and the dangerous material explodes ?

The only solution is to capture it in the air and move it to a safe place.  Recently, several companies are introducing capture drones equipped with net guns. There are some problems when capturing drones in the air. 

- What if the illegal drones are faster then you?
- What if the illegal drones are bigger and heavier? Just drop it? 
- If the illegal drones move randomly and suddenly get out of the camera screen? 
- If the enemy is aware of the capture of the net gun and explodes the explosives? 

You should never think of just tracking and catching. With jamming, various scenarios are required. Please consult with us.

[Points to consider in drone capture methods]



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