AEGIS-F Jammer


AEGIS-F is a stationary radio signal jamming machine designed for defensive jamming of remote controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs) for a stadium, sports complex or large gathering areas. It is also used to defeat any attempt to use a mobile phone service provider’s network to make or receive calls in prison and correctional facilities or government buildings or in embassy, diplomatic security offices or where they require cellular silence. It has been designed to utilize proprietary digital barrage jamming and reactive jamming technology.

Highlights AEGIS-F Series: Reactive jamming systematization with RF detection system / Drone defense and mobile phone blocking together(Option)

AEGIS-FBM series is an effective frequency jammer that operates on the cell phone band such as CDMA, GSM, 3G, LTE and so on.

AEGIS-FBW series is effective in interrupting wide band frequency at 20MHz~2.5GHz, up to 6GHz. Optional operation is available in selecting and disrupting specific frequency section.

Available optional frequency section: 20MHz~520MHz / 520MHz~1GHz / 1GHz~1.5GHz / 1.5GHz~2GHz / 2GHz~2.5GHz (Option 2.5GHz~5GHz, 5GHz~6GHz)

AEGIS-FC series is available to serve to open a selectively chosen communication frequency, walkie-talkie or wireless microphone or Wi-Fi, in particular.

By composing an integrated system with various security systems, it enables not only simple blocking, but also location identification and information collection, so that the best security system can be built. We cannot provide further details, so please inquire separately.

** The jammer is the strategic item and is under control of Korean Government. **

All made in Korea