All of our products require an export license from the Korean government and must be confirmed by the end user.
당사의 모든 제품은 전략물자로 분류되어 수출 시 관련 승인을 받아야 되며, 국내에는 정부산하기관,군,경찰 등 관련기관 이외에는 사용할 수 없습니다. 
[ 모든 재머 제품은(주)비에이솔루션즈에서 직접 설계.제조한 대한민국 제품입니다 ]




Our company designs and manufactures small equipment such as drone sniper to massive base station type jammers. We also develop various application solutions by developing the latest technology including DDS. Especially,  RCIED vehicle jammers have attracted attention with the development of the No Sound, No Heat Jammers that applied the world’s first immersion cooling method. 

We believe that it is our belief and business style to tailor the optimal jammer system to each customer according to the user’s frequency environment and purpose of use. Everyone knows that defense is more difficult than attack. Especially RCIED-JAMMER is a representative defense weapon, so we will have to work closely with our customers and work with mutual trust. Also, Our Jammer system has the architectural advantages of being able to actively cope with various changes.


ANTI DRONE SOLUTION (Detection and Jamming)


Recently, drone and various types of unmanned aircraft, which are becoming big issues, have been rapidly increasing in the performance of drones and various intrusions, and the intensity of the threats is getting higher.

As a result, various solutions have been developed to defend against and defeat various types of UAVs. However, most solutions have functional limitations. Radar solutions have problems such as high cost, detection shadow areas and maintenance, and RF detection solutions also have various problems such as DB pattern limitations and consistency problems.

And because there are many different situations and environments for each customer, we do not think one particular solution is perfect. Our goal is to design optimal solutions by combining these various factors. Therefore, we decided not to sell the solution of the detection part but to consult in objective terms.