All of our products require an export license from the Korean government and must be confirmed by the end user.


Backpack Jammer

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B001SAEGIS-B is a backpack jamming machine that can be carried by a person in the areas under a risk of encountering remote controlled improvised explosive devices or RCIEDs. It protects a small infantry action team against the RCIED attacks. It has been

EOD Jammer

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E001S AEGIS-E is a portable jamming machine that allows EOD teams to operate more safely in dismantling RCIEDs by utilizing proprietary digital barrage jamming technology. It has been strictly designed for EOD teams in a rugged case on wheels or carried by 

Vehicle Jammer

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  AEGIS-V is a heavy duty RCIED jamming machine installed into the trunk of a car, rear of a truck, or inside the armored vehicle. It is a vehicle-mounted machine designed to defend groups of vehicles against remote controlled weapons by utilizing 

Facility Jammer

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  AEGIS-F is a stationary radio signal jamming machine designed for defensive jamming of remote controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs) for a stadium, sports complex or large gathering areas. It is also used to defeat any attempt to use a

Anti Drone Jammer

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D001S   AEGIS-D Recently, drone and various types of unmanned aircraft, which are becoming big issues, have been rapidly increasing in the number of terror attacks and various types of invasions due to improved performance of drones.