It’s hard for soldiers to carry their rifles, and it’s kind of ludicrous for them to carry a drone jammer that’s bigger than a rifle. When you jam a drone, the drone does not land or crash.

 [ US ARMY hanging on the back of a drones jammer ]US ARMY DRONE A


So sorry but there is no such thing!     Luckily, I think the battery has dropped or RC signal lost option was “Landing”. (:  

No one makes the RC signal lost option to Landing. Of course you have to choose Hovering … What are you going to do when landing on the water?

 Here is the answer. 
We developed the world’s first 1913 Rail type all-in-one drones jammers.

When the drones are jammed, they are hovered in place until the battery drops. It is obvious that you can not be aiming for a drone for 20 minutes on the battlefield, and someone will have to shoot down the drones. In other words, because of the drones, two combat strengths will be lost for a while.

It will be the best way for a soldier aiming at a drone to shoot and crash. Take the Drone Sniper from your backpack and mount it on your rifle rails and aim and shoot.

AEGIS-Drone Sniper Detail 
  • Frequency: 1.5GHz,2.4GHz,5.8Ghz (Wifi and GNSS) 
  • Total output power: Max 5watt (We don’t need big power) 
  • Jamming Distance: 1 km or more (Typical range is 300%~800% of distance from drone to controller) 
  • Housing: Water Proof, Dust Proof (Option)
  • Dimension: 55cm(L)x14cm(H)x7cm(D)
  • Weight: approx. 1.6kg
  • Power source: Li-Po (1hr +)
  • Design patent: KR[30-2017-0005718] 
Please don’t shoot missiles!  Anymore~   
-When you find a drones, you will have to choose one of three actions with Drone sniper.
  1. Jamming makes the drones hover and shoots them down with rifle.
  2. Only jamming control signals to return to home (RTH) mode, and then go on to catch the enemy. 
  3. If it is determined that there is no dangerous material and needs to be caught, make it force landing.  


It is the video of the drone sniper which was demonstrated at Incheon International Airport on March 22, 2018. 

[The demonstration proceeded with the approval of the government.]