Cooling performance test at 60 degrees Celsius high temperature

Test chambers for automobiles seem to be a waste for simple temperature testing because they cost about $ 10,000 per day, they are not easy to raise in temperature and must be booked at least a month before. It is easy to find a place where you can do cooling test of car jammers with simple and reliable outdoor temperature. It’s a heat treatment plant in a car paint shop. We tried to operate at 58 degrees Celsius which is the highest temperature in summer in the Middle East.

I tested it for about 1 hour and the image below is almost at the end.


The thermometer on the screen is a temperature logger with 6 temperature sensors. In order to increase accuracy, two pieces were bundled and made into three pieces to measure the temperature inside the jammers, the inside of the car, and the outside temperature of the car.

The air conditioner inside the vehicle only operated in one of four stages, and the inside of car temperature rises as the doors continue to open and close. During the load test, the internal temperature of the vehicle was almost the same as the temperature inside the jammers.


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