Prison: Correctional Facilities

DSCN0392-269x200Here goes an overview for prison jammer as in Mexican prison

A prison in Mexico was covered for whole area with 19 mobile phone jammers. However, number of mobile phone jammers may increase or decrease depending power of local frequency band.

This jamming plan is of 14 directional antennas and 5 omni-directional antennas.

This jamming plan looks to have uncovered space in between the patterns but it is only visible diagram for prison. Actually electronic wave goes out of the pattern and overlaps each to cover the space. This is just for reference of project.

Each frequency band has its own power individually. So, number of mobile phone jammers must be increased to cover all perfectly.

In order to find the number of mobile phone jammers, power of local frequency band must be identified.

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** The jammer is the strategic item and is under control of Korean Government. **

For more specific applications,

Contact jammer team of BA Solutions Inc.

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