Backpack Jammer (AEGIS-BACKPACK)



 Two_Soldiers_operate_Thor_and_Minehound-269x200AEGIS-B, backpack jammer, is a jamming solution to protect a small infantry action team against an RCIED attacks. It has been designed for easy traveling and carrying on shoulders considering transmission and use time. This not only for disabling an RCIED but for disrupting enemy’s communication system. In this case, jammer models equipped with our latest DF (digital filtering) technology can be used, along with communication equipment, to disrupt enemy’s communication frequency whilst allowing friendly forces’ communication.

Extra battery can be added to extend use time when action’s prolonged.

Options are battery by capacity, extra battery, digital variable filter, HPA output, frequency scaling software, etc. Total output is 75W to 150W with each band 10W~50W in consideration of weight, battery, antenna and personnel health.

** The jammer is the strategic item and is under control of Korean Government. **

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