AEGIS-D (Drone Jamming System)

[High Power Custom Design Drone Jammer]

   Recently, drone and various types of unmanned aircraft, which are becoming big issues, have been rapidly increasing in the number of terror attacks and various types of invasions due to improved performance of drones. As a result, various solutions have been developed to defend against and defeat various types of UAVs. A typical way to neutralize a drone is to make the drones jamming.  

   In other words, if you block both the control and GPS signals, the drones hover almost in place until the batteries are exhausted. If only the control signal is blocked, the home return function will return to the point where it was originally taken off. Even if you jam the drones, they will never crash. If a dumb user chooses to land the RC signal lost option, it will land in place. But users who abuse the drones will never choose this option.

  At the moment, there is no clear way to capture the drones after they have been neutralized. It is a dispute that shooting a net gun and training an eagle is not that sure. Once you do not do anything to neutralize the drones, you can not do anything. 

  If you are a soldier in a situation where you can shoot a gun, you can jam and drop the drones hovering in place. If you want to do this, you can use our Drone Sniper.

AEGIS-D Jammer Detail

  • Frequency: All Wifi and GNSSs + customer need
  • Total output power: Depends on customer need
  • Jamming distance: Depends on customer need
  • PLL: High Accuracy, High Stability
  • Antenna: >10dBi (Antenna design for user environment and purpose)
  • Aluminum Housing, Water Proof, Dust Proof 
  • Power source: AC 110/220V, DC28V 


Because the shape varies according to the output and usage environment, we show the design of the basic model attached to the pan tilt system.  If you want a portable drone jammer, you can use AEGIS-B (Backpack Jammer) or AEGIS-V (Vehicle Jammer) as a drone jammer.

So sorry but there is no such thing!     Luckily, I think the battery has dropped. (:

  The photo on the left shows 2017 IDEX in Abu Dhabi equipped with a drone sniper on a rifle. This model is a concept model, and the actual product is a smaller, slim shape that is modified to match the type of rifle to be mounted.  We named it “DRONE SNIPER“.

  If you want to do RCIED jamming as well as drone jamming at the same time as drone detection, it will be very useful if you integrate into the vehicle. Please explain your situation and we will design the best solution. Please do not hesitate to contact us.



** The jammer is the strategic item and is under control of Korean Government. **

All made in Korea