How to jam all but mine!



In general, if a jammer is turned on, all communications in the concerned frequency bandwidth is disrupted and it can be very embarrassing if it is not the objectives of the jamming situation. It is the case that soldiers will be unable to have a communication with their headquarters when they turn on the jammer in order to deflect an IED attacks. Luckily they may have no need to communicate with their headquarters but in general, with no communication with headquarters in military actions will lead to fatal difficulties.

Now by what method are you solving this problem? 4 options are here.

Firstly, avoid jammer, trust your luck.
Secondly, turn off jammer every short time you need.
Thirdly, send a crew to headquarter every time you need and wait.
Finally, turn on the jammer that enables communication between us while disrupting others’ communication.

We are able to offer a very special jammer with digital filtering technology in order to solve the problem.

Our jamming solution is available to pick up particular frequency band and leave it out of the jamming signal and it is selectively applied to required product model. It is our unique technology and this is designed and applied based on the customer’s requirements.

Others’ jammer is featured with scenario editor. It identifies if a signal is in use or not in use and gives jamming signal. This enables them to skip a jamming signal or hopping it from the bandwidth in which they want to communicate in.  HOWEVER, in military actions or when threat is close at hand, it disrupts or interferes with all communications and their own communication is no exception.

Remedy is here, a DIGITAL FILTERING TECHNOLOGY. It enables not only to skip or hop a jamming signal but also to remove the unwanted signals such as harmonics, image and intermodulation signal at signal source itself. Furthermore, this special technology enables to protect jamming signal from coming in to the bandwidth where the communication is to be made.

Our Jamming solution has been designed to incorporate this special digital filtering technology and enables our customers to disrupt all communications while allowing them to communicate themselves.

Hope you’re sure of it.

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