In order to defend against drone threats and attacks, there is no complete solution yet in the most important detection areas. If you are systematizing all the solutions for each type, the odds will increase, but if you have to consider exponentially growing costs, you have to find a solution that is low cost and high efficiency.

  If it is not cost, it will become the most ideal drone detection system if you systematize both radar / EO system, frequency detection system, and sound detection system. What is the most cost-effective way to do that because reality has to consider the cost issue?  

  At present, it seems to be a frequency detection method. Each solution has its own shortcomings, so it should be carefully reviewed depending on the environment and the purpose of the operation.


   An exception to this is when you simply fly through the entered route, but when a person with a malicious intent attacks a specific target with a drones or performs a mission, the pilot must navigate with the camera image.

   Therefore, in most cases, the drone and the controller will generate the frequency. We believe that the frequency detection method that provides various application methods as well as cost and management is the most useful value.  

  It can be used in various situations because it can easily detect the desired area by installing it in the vehicle.   

-The amount that increases rapidly as the detection distance increases. Maintenance costs also… 
-The radar recognizes all objects within the detection range, but it does not know whether the radar will distinguish the drones.
-Detection is not possible if low flying or obstacles are present. It is even affected by the weather.
-Failure rates are higher than other solutions.
-It can not be detected when approaching without generating radio waves.
-The pattern of the various drone signals must be continuously updated.





   The drone detection and jamming system is a systematic solution for the vehicle. I am sure it will be highly utilized.


    The hardest part of the vip guard is to monitor objects in the air. Especially when the events are held outdoors, security becomes more difficult. It is difficult to find a remote access drones quickly because you can not jam all of the very large areas while you are running the jamming equipment at one time in the vip guard. In this case, a drone detection system and a jamming system installed in the vehicle will be able to perform very effective operations.

  When the drones appear at the airport’s takeoff and landing point, the whole airport is paralyzed all over the world. Each country’s aeronautical agencies specify a dragon-fly zone, but there are people who do not always follow. Especially because airports have a very wide range of surveillance, expensive radar solutions or RF detection methods with a wide range and range of detection are suitable.

  But what happens next when the drone is detected? No one will want to turn on the jammer at the airport.  Please find an answer with us.

There are cases where the surveillance system is relatively poor and there are not enough surveillance personnel to carry goods to prison using drones. Especially in general commercial drones, the weight of the pistol can be carried enough, which is a serious threat. Since mobile phones in prisons have already been brought to the foreground, drone detection / jamming equipment must be installed at the prison facility along with jammers that block mobile phones.